CHRONICLE on the first-ever Hong Kong Formula E "ePrix"
(...) Overtaking often does not seem to be a product of brave driving, but results of the quantity of battery available. “Piquet Jr. has 42 percent of the battery available while Sam Bird has made a better management of the battery and has 46 percent of battery available,” announced the speaker. The cars don’t race as conventional cars do… Brazilian driver Lucas Di Grassi drove several laps with a broken car nose and didn’t lose a place. Something unthinkable in F1, where speed and aerodynamics go to another level.
Formula E introduced a new lingo to racing. Terms like “energy management” are being heard for the first time. “Energy is quite complicated… they way you utilize to optimize lap time,” Grassi said at the winners’ press conference.
It seems like the drivers are racing like I try to manage the battery of my cellphone.(More here)

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