O décimo segundo número da Inefável já está disponível. Neste número é evocada a poesia de Muhammad Ibn ‘Abbâd al-Mu’tamid e são dados a ler poemas de Paulo Jorge Barbosa e de Mariana Basílio. Por fim, o meu grandioso amigo e parceiro Ricardo M Marques apresenta a poesia de Li Bai.



BOA leitura sobre o Tom Waits no Guardian, embora os meus 10 melhores momentos dele fossem outros (como não estão lá o Black Rider e o Alice, a faceta mais teatral?). De qualquer dos modos, é tudo bom:
"Working in an industry that until recently was obsessed with youth, Waits is one of those rare artists who is improved the more wizened he becomes, and the more he resembles an old baseball glove."



In our backyard

TRADITIONALLY Macau doesn’t pay much notice to deeds on the other side of the border. But the times when Zhuhai was little more than a fishermen’s village are long gone and, in some aspects, the neighboring city is more developed than Macau. Even in urban planning aspects, Zhuhai benefits from having lots of space to grow, while the lack of space (and ideas) here obviously hinders development. Zhuhai is implementing modern solutions that leave Macau behind, like the introduction of a bike-sharing system in December 2012 and the revamp of its waterfront area.
In spite of its closeness to Macau, Hengqin was also little known here until recently. Even now, I bet that many local residents have never set foot on the island that they can see from their windows. After all, living an “aquarium lifestyle” is one of Macau’s features.
Many also still ignore that Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, one of the world’s largest aquariums, opened in 2014, as part of a huge tourist complex that includes three hotels. It’s located a 5 minute drive away from Hengqin Port, the border with Macau that’s now open round-the-clock.
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